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Do You Trust Me?

Has God ever told you to do something that you did not understand? Have you ever felt like God was directing you not to engage in something that seemed completely harmless to you- that just didn't make sense?

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It’s a Partnership.

I propose it is time to step it up and do our part in our partnership with God, and every other relationship in our circle of influence.

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Let’s Talk.

There is a large movement for Christians to talk about what we are for, rather than what we are against. I get that... but in this case, it is on my heart to share with those who do not know. Let's talk about Yoga and meditation as Christians.

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Pre-Workout… Prayer?

There I was at the gym. Praying over my protein shake before my stretching regimen. Minding my own business. I had given up on the concern a long time ago that people might think I'm weird. (It's confirmed, by the way... My Mom calls it "unique.") So I was in my own little world talking to God and blaring worship music to drown out the sound of my own thoughts...