Overflow with Thankfulness

“So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.” – Colossians 2:6-7 NIV

When you woke up this morning, did you grumble as you hit the snooze button, or did you thank the Lord for waking you for another day? Did you complain that you had to sit in traffic, or did you thank Him that you have a car. Were you irritated that you had to park so far away from the entrance, or did you value the ability to walk?

Sometimes our perspective can have a huge impact on our attitude! Perhaps you have had that moment. You see a blind person, a deaf neighbor, or a friend in a wheelchair… and you stop and thank God that you can see and hear. You thank Him that He gave you two working legs, hips, and feet. I learned this from my husband, who has a beautiful, grateful heart. He gets down on his knees every morning, thanking God for the ability to walk, see, do the job he loves, and play worship music for our King. My husband stops and prays whenever he sees a handicapped person. He prays for them, but he also thanks God for the blessing of his health. This has been a great witness for me.

What if we all had that approach… overflowing with thankfulness… every day; everywhere we went? How much more would we enjoy scrubbing the toilet or washing the floor, if we were thankful for a house to clean? Maybe cleaning would change from a chore- to an act of worship and thankfulness to God for the gift He has given us! Are you thankful that you can afford the comforts of running water, air-conditioning, heat, and a cozy bed? (Just ask someone who is homeless.)

Would you appreciate doing laundry if you acknowledged how blessed you are to have a spouse, whom you have the privilege to do laundry for? (Just ask a widow or someone praying for a future spouse.) Would you actually enjoy cooking if you practiced an ‘attitude of gratitude’ for the groceries, knowledge of healthy eating, or your very own kitchen? Would you savor the drive to school with your kids if you saw them as a gift from God? (Just ask someone who lost their child or who is trying to get pregnant.)

Would you enjoy family dinners if you valued the blessing of having your loved ones? (Just ask an orphan or someone who lost their family to genocide.) Would you love your church family if you realized how amazing it is to publicly worship without fear of death or imprisonment? (Just ask a Muslim in Iraq who tries to convert to Christianity.)

Perhaps you might treat your body like the Holy Temple it is- getting enough sleep, exercising, and putting down that box of cookies… if you realized how blessed you are… that you can feed yourself, chew your own food, sleep through the night, that you have the physical ability to exercise… and you’re not eating from a tube, or stricken by disease. (Just ask a soldier who lost his arms and legs, or someone with Parkinson’s Disease, terminal cancer, or Muscular Sclerosis.) Turn that workout into an act or worship!

Whatever motivates you to stop in your tracks and thank God for all He has blessed you with… tap into that. Thank Him for the little things we so often take for granted. We promise that a heart of gratefulness will change your perspective and brighten your world. Perhaps as you overflow, you will pour out onto others… and it will be contagious.

Thank you for joining us for Day 10 ‘in the life’ of our fast here at RISENfitness. We are  learning how to overflow with thankfulness right beside you:)

Here’s to your Health and 21 Day Fast!




2 thoughts on “Overflow with Thankfulness”

  1. Amen sister! Yes, not only thanks for what you have, but all the things that you don’t have…..that you don’t want. That list is much longer than the things we want that we don’t have. 🙂 Go Pablo!

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