Prayer Works: Prayer Walk

“Go, walk through the length and breadth of the land, for I am giving it to you.” Genesis 13:17 NIV

Welcome to a brand new week! A second chance. A fresh start. A day of rest. Day Eight of 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting. As you take this day to reflect, refresh, and restore your body, soul, and spirit, here’s a thought about a different way to pray.

We begin by acknowledging that we are not Biblical scholars… we claim a verse that speaks to us personally, and we hope it blesses you also. Genesis 13 details the Lord speaking to Abram about the land and offspring He is promising him. What seems interesting is how the Lord tells Abram to walk throughout the entirety of the land. Almost like God was saying, “Check it out. Do some reconnaissance. Write your name on it. Claim it, because all of this will be yours.”

What if we started claiming land around us for God’s Kingdom? We know that prayer works, so let’s ‘walk it out!’ This is something that can start as big as walking around the White House, or the capitol building in your city, praying for God to take it back. Praying for Godly leaders and Godly influence to invade that space. More small-scale could be walking around your neighborhood and enjoying God’s presence through nature. Then praying for that to become the safest neighborhood in America. Walking through your school and praying that the students will gain a heart after God, a top class education, and that doors of amazing opportunity will spring open for them. Try walking around and through your workplace, silently praying for souls won for salvation, God’s prosperity, positivity, joy, and presence to take precedent. Pray around the property at your church, or through the sanctuary and classrooms, claiming that space for God. The enemy must flee!

Maybe your prayer walks could be with a friend, or something more personal. Walking through your house and casting out anything that is not from the Lord. Praying for God’s peace to take up residency. Some people pray over whatever space they enter, from hotel rooms, to taxi cabs, to their childhood home, “God go before me. This is YOUR space. You alone reside here, reign here, and rule here. Let everything else come under your feet. In Jesus’ name!”

Consider praying over seats in your church, when you host a small group, or even the dinner table when you have guests over. Pray for Godly conversation, unity, joy, and peace. Pray for open hearts. Pray that those seats would be blessed elevators straight to Heavenly vision. Pray around your child’s bed- that God would protect their mind, and that they would receive dreams from Him. Sometimes you might not know what to say. Pray that God would give you His words. Just say, “Jesus, come” or  “Holy Spirit, fill this place.” Then believe it- and surrender it all into His hands. You might be surprised at the peace that overwhelms you.

This is Day 8 ‘in the life’ of our fast here at RISENfitness. We are prayer walking right beside you:)

Here’s to your Health and 21 Day Fast!




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