Inauguration Day: Culture of Honor

“Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.”Romans 13:1 NIV

They rolled out the red carpet. The Honor Guard stood watch as the President and First Lady passed on the White House to the President-Elect and the First-Lady elect.  The incoming President and Vice-President gave their oath on Historic Bibles, preserved for generations. Their wives stood proudly, holding the Bibles with gloved hands, so as not to damage the precious artifacts. Millions of Americans, citizens of other countries, the young, the old… all gathered together in our Nation’s Capitol to support and participate in this historic event.

While much of today’s ceremonies were filled with rich tradition, foundational principles, and Biblical basis for this country, the overwhelming feeling was a sense of honor. Honor and pride for being part of America. Honor for the peaceful transition of power. Honor for the Office of The President, Vice Presidents, and former Presidents in attendance. Honor to God, for all the blessings He has bestowed upon the United States.

So where is the gap between this beautiful, frozen moment in time, and where we live our lives each day? Sure, the Bible tells us to honor our mother and father, but what about our sister and brother too? What about our teachers, pastors, government employees, law enforcement, firefighters, military, supervisors, spouses, coaches, elderly, handicapped, and friends?

First, let’s look at what honor means. Honor means treating someone or something with high respect or great esteem; a privilege. Honor is also defined as regarding someone with admiration, homage, or reverence. In your circle of influence, you can begin to create a “culture” of honor by starting in your own home. Modeled behavior in how you speak to each other and treat each other goes a long way. Simple respect, like taking your shoes off, “please” and “thank you,” “sir” and “ma’am,” holding the door open, or even getting up early with your spouse to pray together before they head out for their day… these are things that show kindness, love, and honor. Maybe it’s a few steps further for you. Maybe it’s always putting others first. A gesture as small as getting silverware and napkins for your friend at your favorite food spot says “I care about you, and I was thinking about your needs too.”

As you go out into the world, carry that culture with you. Say “thank you” to the custodian. Hold the door open for an elderly couple. Pay for a war veteran’s lunch. Take cookies to your police station with a “thank you” note. Leave a present for your trash man at Christmas. Bake a special treat for your mailman or pharmacist. Roll out the red carpet of hospitality for your friends and family when they visit. Take off your shoes at your in-laws house. Treat your teacher with respect. Speak words of life over your leaders. Put an American Flag on your house- and don’t burn it or let it touch the ground! Be proud to be an American.

Most importantly, give honor, glory, and respect to our Father in Heaven! Just like there is a protocol to how you would approach the President, find out what your “protocol” should be to approach God. Is He calling you to raise your hands in worship? to pray on your knees? To praise Him and repent before you hand him your prayer list? This is a call to action today! Let’s immerse ourselves in a contagious culture of honor that permeates every facet of our lives… and see what God does with it!

This is day 6 “in the life” of 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting here at RISENfitness. We are learning to walk out this culture of honor right beside you. Please feel free to share your success stories or suggestions. In community, we can strengthen each other and become better disciples of Christ.

Here’s to your health!




2 thoughts on “Inauguration Day: Culture of Honor”

  1. If everyone followed the advice presented here, what an immediate positive difference we would see in the way society interacts with each other. Makes you look at how you treat people in your daily life. Another A+ Blog!

    Liked by 1 person

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