Where do you find strength?


“The Lord is my strength and shield.

I trust him with all my heart.

He helps me, and my heart is filled with joy.

I burst out in songs of thanksgiving.”

-Psalm 28:7 NLT-


You roll out of bed this morning, looking forward to the one thing that motivates your feet to hit the ground: your morning cup of coffee. And then you realize: you gave it up for the next 21 days. You cry a little inside.

A few hours later, you’re sitting on the weight bench, looking at the dumbbells in your hands, thinking to yourself, “if only I could have my pre-workout drink; some caffeine. Then I could do this.” But you press through. You start praying, “God please get me through this. Not my strength but yours. I can’t do this alone.”

You finish your workout, looking forward to your regular “reward” of a whey protein shake. But that’s out, too! “Man! Why does God do this to me?!” you grumble. Then you sulk to the grocery store… nope can’t have those free samples. Can’t have those cupcakes in the work lunch-room either. You look to the sky and pray, “God please give me willpower. Just help me make it home without snapping at someone or raiding the office fridge.”

You make it home. Nope- can’t have that lasagna you were looking forward to for dinner, or that ice cream for dessert. You can’t phone a friend, vent to your spouse, or call your mom. That’s not going to fix this. You drop to your knees and ask Him, “God, why are we doing this? What’s the point? I know you want me to spend more time with you, and I’ll do that, but can’t I eat something I enjoy while we spend time together?”

Then it hits you- you survived the day without ANY of those things you always tell yourself you “need” to endure the day! Oooooohhh. God you’re good. This is all starting to make sense. You have to go to HIM for your strength.

There’s no power in that cup of coffee,

but there sure is power in the Holy Spirit!

All day, you said “no” to the desires of this world. Instead of feeding your flesh, you were feeding your spirit. You were forced to completely surrender and depend on God, rather than things in the natural. That, my friend, will bring about supernatural deliverance and change. Congratulations!

This is day 2 ‘in the life’ of our struggle here at RISENfitness. Please share your success stories to encourage and motivate each other!

Here’s to your Health and 21 Day Fast!




References: http://daniel-fast.com/three-forces/


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