Do it afraid.

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” –Joshua 1:9 NIV


Have you ever faced a circumstance that made you afraid, but something inside of you told you that you were supposed to press through anyway? Fear is not from the Lord. In fact, He commands us NOT to be afraid.

Maybe you want to be a personal trainer, but you’re afraid you won’t be successful- do it afraid (as Joyce Meyer says). Maybe you have an idea you want to share, but you have a fear of public speaking- do it afraid. If you feel God is calling you into something, you need to persevere through the feelings of discomfort in order to walk into your destiny. This is a test of faith that will make you stronger as you are confident in HIS abilities. Remember, this is a partnership with The Almighty God!

As a pastor from Element Church (East Lansing, Michigan) recently preached, “God will always lead us out of our comfort to lead us into our calling.” So how can you apply that to your fitness routine today? Do something out of your comfort zone. Maybe you classify yourself as a bodybuilder: try a few cross-fit moves. Perhaps you are a runner who is afraid of the weight room: lift those weights. Try something new. You might just like it! More importantly, every time you do something afraid, you realize that your fear was all in your mind. Teach yourself to overcome that fear, and you will find yourself trying more and more new things, and facing obstacles with a new confidence!

As you exercise, the amazing body God created easily adapts. So in order to grow, overcome plateau, or reach certain goals, you need to switch up your workouts. Sure, you can make simple tweaks to your current routine, but why not try something you have always been afraid of or lacked the confidence to attempt? You can do that really awesome looking activity you have always told yourself “I could never do that.” Speak life over your abilities, have confidence, and give God some credit!

We would love to hear about the new thing you “did afraid” this week! Please share your comments.

Just remember to let your FAITH be bigger than your fear: God is with you wherever you go.

Here’s to your health!







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